Jørgen Jensen Photography

Soft sea

Location: Rønnerhavnen, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Alone on the beach

Location: Strandby, Denmark

Forest Trail

Captured in Bangsbo Forest, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Misty Morning

Location: Laeso, Denmark

The Stream

Location: Vejlerne, Denmark - The largest bird protection area in Northern Europe.

Blue Sky

Location: Skagen, DenmarkHDR and Pol-filter

The Stream

Location: Frederikshavn, Denmark

Cottage in the Woods

Location: Frederikshavn, Denmark


Location: Frederikshavn, Denmark

Low Tide

Location: Rønnerhavnen, Frederikshavn, Danmark

Big coastal dunes - Denmark

Good night Sun

Location: Raabjerg Mile, Denmark

Spooky Tree

HDR PhotoLocation: Frederikshavn, Denmark

Morning Light

Misty morning in the woods near Frederikshavn, Denmark.


Location: Møns Klint, Denmark


Location: Raabjerg Mile, Denmark

Solo tree

Location: Knuthenborg Safari Park, Bandholm, Denmark.

On shore

The location is a small island (Hirsholmene) in the northern part of Denmark.


Sunset at Øksnebjerg, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Sunset Landscape

Location: Øksnebjerg, Understed, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Sunset - Skagen, Denmark

Sunset at Damstederne, Skagen, Denmark

Car on the beach

Sunset at Kandestederne Beach, Denmark where you are allowed to drive your car on the beach.


Location: Tversted Søerne, Tversted, Denmark.

Along the coast

Location: Ertebølle, Denmark

Rusty - but still in use

Location: The small island FUR in Denmark.

Rocky coast

Location: Rønnerne, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Summer Clouds

Because of a strong wind it was necessary to use a very short shutter speed, in order to avoid too much blur in the grass. Location: Rønnerne, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Sunset and lyme grass

Location: Hou, Nordjylland, Denmark......My photoblog is now in english. Please take a look.....www.foto-oplevelser.blogspot.dk

Evening sky

Just before sunset on the beach at HOU, Denmark. - You can see, that rain is comming from north......My photoblog is now in english, and I invite you to take a look: www.foto-oplevelser.blogspot.dk

Sunset in the dunes

Location: HOU, Denmark

Stony coast

Location: Bangsbostrand, Frederikshavn, Denmark.....HDR from 3 images.

Mols Bjerge - Denmark

This hilly landscape is a part of the Danish National Park "Mols Bjerge".

Mols Bjerge - Denmark (2)

Reed Forest

Location: Vejlerne, Denmark - A protected bird area.....HDR capture.

Lava on the beach

On the danish island Mors you find lava blocks on the beach. - The lava comes from underwater volcanic eruption thousands of years ago during the last ice age.

Beach House

Location: The small island FUR in northern Denmark.

Black and white forest

Location: Bangsbo, Frederikshavn, Denmark - You can find more pictures from this location in my blog.

After Sunset

Location: Hirtshals, Denmark

Madeira mountains

Location: The portuguese island Madeira. - Volcanic Mountains.

Stone Fence

Location: Bangsbo, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Sunrise 27. september 2013

Location: "Neppens Havn", Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Morning Ferry

Location: "Neppens Havn", Frederikshavn, Denmark

Sunset reflections

Location. Frederikshavn, Denmark

Blue hour reflections

Reflections in the low tide water just after sunset. - East-facing coast at Frederikshavn, Denmark

Digging sea worms for fishing bait

Low tide at the beach in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Autumn Colors

Golden autumn colors in the northern Denmark.

Fall Colors

Location: Northern Jutland, Denmark.....You can follow my photo-work on my blog.

The last sunflower

The last sunflower in 2013.

The view

From this 147 meter high hill, called "Himmelbjerget", you have a wonderful view to the lake "Julsø".

Low reflecting sun

Taken in the hour before sunset through the foliage in Bangsbo Forest, Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Red autumn

Photographed in Bangsbo Park, Frederikshavn, Denmark.......Take a look in my photo-blog for more autumn images.


Captured at "Kandestederne Beach" on the west coast in Northern Denmark.

Remains from World War II

Remains of German fortifications from World War II on a danish beach at "Kandestederne" in Northern Jutland.

Big Dunes

Captured at "Raabjerg Mile" in Northern Denmark. - This dune moves with the wind 10-15 meters towards north-east every year, and the whole dune area is one of the biggest in Europe. Please look for more images and descriptions in my photo-blog.

Frozen Dunes

Autumn Tree

The tree is captured in St. Paul de Vence, Alpes Maritimes, France.

A walk on the beach

The day before yesterday in the late afternoon we went for a walk on the beach north of Strandby, Denmark. - The sun was low in the sky, and the clouds were colored with a golden light.

Low tide

Location: Strandby, Denmark

Tree stump

Captured in Bangsbo Forest, Frederikshavn, Denmark

House in the Woods

Location: Bangsbo Forest, Frederikshavn, Denmark

A creek in the forest

Location: Bangsbo Forest, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Boulder coast

Location: Rønnerhavnen, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Late afternoon

Location: Rønnerhavnen, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Winter Storm

Location: Aalbaek Harbor, Denmark

Cold Railing

Location: Aalbaek Harbor, Northern Denmark.


As a contrast to the cold winter weather in Denmark at the moment, I upload a colorful tulip image from 2009.

Harbour Lighthouse

Lighthouse in Hals Harbour, Northern Denmark.

A wet winterday in the woods

Location: Bangsbo Forest, Frederikshavn, Denmark.

A stream in the Woods

Location: Bangsbo Forest, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Grey Sunday

Location: Near Saeby, Northern Denmark

Rocky Beach

Location: Hirtshals, Denmark

Sea,sun and clouds

Hirtshals Beach, Denmark

Northsea Sunset

Sunset at Hirthals Beach, Denmark


Location: Bangsbo Forest, Frederikshavn, Denmark You are welcome to visit my photo-blog: www.jorgen-jensen.blogspot.com

Early morning

Location: Frederikshavn, Denmark Yoy are welcome to visit my photoblog www.jorgen-jensen.blogspot.com

Hairy Stones

Low tide at Rønnerhavnen Beach, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Low Tide

Low tide at Rønnerhavnen beach, Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Sunset in Skagen

Sunset in Skagen, Denmark

Eye level

Low angle dandelions.

Water Lily

Captured in Marstrand, Sweden.

Rocky Landscape

Captured in Marstrand, Sweden

Swedish Westcoast

Swedish westcoast north of Gothenburg.

The Bridge

Captured in Sweden at the island Tjörn north of Gothenburg.