Jørgen Jensen Photography

Soft sea

Alone on the beach

Forest Trail

Misty Morning

The Stream

Blue Sky

The Stream

Cottage in the Woods


Low Tide

Big coastal dunes - Denmark

Good night Sun

Spooky Tree

Morning Light



Solo tree

On shore


Sunset Landscape

Sunset - Skagen, Denmark

Car on the beach


Along the coast

Rusty - but still in use

Rocky coast

Summer Clouds

Sunset and lyme grass

Evening sky

Sunset in the dunes

Stony coast

Mols Bjerge - Denmark

Mols Bjerge - Denmark (2)

Reed Forest

Lava on the beach

Beach House

Black and white forest

After Sunset

Madeira mountains

Stone Fence

Sunrise 27. september 2013

Morning Ferry

Sunset reflections

Blue hour reflections

Digging sea worms for fishing bait

Autumn Colors

Fall Colors

The last sunflower

The view

Low reflecting sun

Red autumn


Remains from World War II

Big Dunes

Frozen Dunes

Autumn Tree

A walk on the beach

Low tide

Tree stump

House in the Woods

A creek in the forest

Boulder coast

Late afternoon

Winter Storm

Cold Railing


Harbour Lighthouse

A wet winterday in the woods

A stream in the Woods

Grey Sunday

Rocky Beach

Sea,sun and clouds

Northsea Sunset